Personalized Fitness Dataviz for Consumer Health-Tracking

Data Visualization, Product Design and MVP Development for

Prompt: How might we make healthy behavior change more viscerally rewarding and immediate?

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Insight: Self-tracking can change behavior, but becoming healthy is an emotional journey, not just a physical change. Users need more than cold, clinical charts and graphs to stay motivated.

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  • Designed, developed and launched MVP to encourage healthier behavior through visualization self-tracking data.
  • Designed a series of shareable, dynamic data visualizations, letting users visualize their behavior and consider different aspects of health.
  • Developed syncing service to integrate with leading tracking devices (e.g. Fitbit).
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“There’s something sort of rock star about a gorgeously designed infographic created about something so personal and banal as how many steps you took today.”

“Until I saw your graphics and your ‘result stories,’ I really wasn’t that dissatisfied. Now I want to view all of my data this way.”
Notch User


  • Thousands of users generated and shared hundreds of thousands of personalized data visualizations
  • Featured on TechCrunch and PandoDaily
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