3iap's services are deeply rooted in data, design and user psychology. This gives 3iap an advantage in shaping client data to engage, persuade, motivate and lightly nudge audiences toward smarter decisions and behaviors.

Data Product Design & Development

Data products are different. Not only do you have the same product-market-fit challenges as a traditional product, data products bring the added complexity of developing the dataset and designing for non-deterministic UX. 3iap has deep experience in coupling systems thinking with the lean design approach used by the world’s leading product makers.

Custom Data Visualization

How can we make your data’s story unignorable? Data already speaks effectively to the rational parts of our brains, but to persuade audiences and get your message to stick, the story also needs to connect emotionally & experientially. For cases where the data is especially complex, needs to resonate with non-data-savvy audiences or just needs to look & feel compelling, then a solid design process and a deep technical toolkit are the trusted path forward.

Analytics & Self-Serve BI

Democratized data enables groups across organizations to make fact-based decisions quickly and independently. This keeps organizations aligned with overall strategy, while staying responsive to a constantly changing environment. This requires clean, trusted data, modern data infrastructure and fast, visual, mobile-friendly tools for accessing the data.

Metrics-Driven Leadership & Performance Analytics

In the same way we sometimes struggle going to the gym, people also struggle with setting and achieving productive goals for themselves and their teams. But an organization's data can be a source of both information and inspiration. Just like a Fitbit motivates us to walk more, robust metrics and continuous feedback loops motivate teams toward optimal performance.

Dashboard & Metric Design

You can always hear a groan in the room when someone suggests a new dashboard. We’re all understandably wary of information overload and many dashboards become what DJ Patil calls “data vomit” - too many numbers, none of which matter. This is a quick way to disengage viewers. To change behaviors, impact policy or drive decisions, users need to engage with the data. This requires 1) understanding & prioritizing data from users’ perspectives and 2) visualizing the resulting metrics so they’re comprehensible and compelling.

Data Capture & Engineering

Life is easy when data comes through an API. But sometimes data capture requires a bit of creativity. Maybe you build a fun game to coax volunteers into labeling training data? Perhaps it’s crowd-sourcing on mechanical turk? Or scraping yelp & seamless records for every restaurant in NYC...

Research, Discovery & Product Management

Every good story, tool, product or service starts as an ephemeral hunch. A little voice in the back of your mind says “Hey, the world might be better if we had this thing.” The challenge is getting the idea out of your head (and your users’ heads) and into a concrete form the team can rally around. This starts with 3 questions: Who is our audience? What are we trying to accomplish for them (and ourselves)? What does the data say?

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