3d Clothing Rendering Pipeline

Developing a pattern-to-pants graphics pipeline

Client: Prickly Clothing Company

Prompt: What changes about eCommerce when you can offer consumers unlimited SKUs?

Insight: Thanks to print-on-demand and 3d-printing, a growing number of physical products can be efficiently produced as just-in-time one-offs. If merchants can offer a wider variety of products, without the overhead of physical inventory, they can address a longer tail of customer needs.

Solution: Developed pipeline to transform digital pattern images into virtual inventory of women’s athletic leggings, rendering patterns, print files for manufacturing, inventory images and ads, then pushing inventory to multiple storefronts


  • 748 unique leggings generated, 4488 SKUs
  • New inventory could be generated in seconds
“I was super excited about the prospect of having these leggings in a variety of colors and prints. I couldn’t help myself and had to order more! Who can resist cat leggings!?!”
- Lila, Customer
prickly pants examples
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