PwC: Productizing a Workforce Performance Analytics Service

Motivational Analytics Consulting, Data Product Design and MVP Development for PwC UK

Client: PwC UK

Prompt: How might we help PwC UK translate a successful offline productivity program into an approachable, digital-first data product?

Background: PwC Perform is a 12 week engagement where PwC coaches work closely with client teams to promote modern, data-driven team management practices and behavioral outcomes. The program draws teams’ attention to the metrics that matter and teaches leaders how to interact with their teams through the language of metrics. This drives significant results for a wide variety of organizations, consistently improving target productivity KPIs by 15-30%.

Problem: Perform’s program was entirely pen and paper (or, marker and whiteboard). It was successful despite this, but felt anachronistic to clients with increasingly digital workforces. It also meant that any data written to the whiteboard was ephemeral, so opportunities for deeper or longer term analysis were missed.

Quote from PerformPlus customer: “It’s not just about the metrics for us.”

Insight: It’s not about the data, it’s about the conversations unlocked by the data. You can read more about this here.


  • Embedded with client team to provide ongoing design, research and product direction to client PMs, designers and engineers
  • Developed product and design strategy, focused on motivational data visualization


  • Successfully launched PerformPlus MVP
  • End-user pilot teams engaged daily and significantly outperformed baseline performance goals
  • Perform program continues rapid growth
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