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Human-Centered Data Design

3iap helps clients design and develop effective, persuasive interfaces between busy people and their messy data.

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3iap's approach to data design is outcome-driven and deeply rooted in research. Effective use of data doesn't need trillion-neuron models or MoMA-worthy dataviz, it just needs to work for the people who use it.

The essays below highlight our favorite examples of empirically effective data design. They include findings from our own work and others', each with a different lens on the surprising ways that data can make a difference.

Timely Advice: How long does dataviz take?

Visualizing 3iap timesheets for 10 dataviz client projects. How much time goes into researching, data...

“Dispersion & Disparity” Research Project Results

How masking uncertainty encourages stereotyping when visualizing social outcome disparities

What can go wrong?

Exploring racial equity dataviz and deficit thinking, with Pieta Blakely.

Dashboard Psychology: Effective Feedback in Data Design

The psychology behind “what you measure you improve”...

Radical Dots Simulator: Visualizing Agent Belief Change

Visualizing extreme belief formation, echo chambers, polarization, and attitude latitudes.

Visualizing Expectations

Understanding the psychology and impact of expectation-setting and information design.

Good Dashboards Inform. Great Dashboards Align.

Dashboards don't have to be data dumpsters. At their best, great dashboards are a monument to what matters...

Motivational Data Visualization

Exploring the motivational impacts of 7 user-data visualizations in everyday products and services.

Goal Setting: “Measurable” shouldn't mean “Miserable”

A quick exercise for defining “measurable” OKRs

Winning at @ratemyskyperoom

In these uncertain times, the world needs hard-hitting data journalism now more than ever. This is not...

Settling the Debate: Bars vs Lollipops (vs Dot Plots)

Results of testing Bars, Lollipops and Dot Plots with 150 Mechanical Turkers for accuracy, preference...

Lemonade & Human-Centered KPIs

How to set team KPIs that won't cost your lemonade stand $3B in fines. 5 principles for designing inspiring...

Americans struggle with Graphs

When communicating data to 'the public,' how simple does it need to be? How much complexity can people...

"What is this graph telling you?"

Crucial questions to ask when user testing data visualizations.

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